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Preparing freshly stone-milled ground corn products

for shipment and delivery.


I am Georgeanne Ross. In September 2001, I co-founded a 

small business, Delta Grind, now known as The Original

GritGirl. Although I am self-taught for the most part,

I had lots of help from my brother, a chef, and my husband,

"Master Grinder" Freddie.


Our business started as a hobby when Freddie restored a 

1912 Fairbanks Morse flywheel engine and a 1910 Meadows 

Stone Grist Mill. He connected grist mill and engine, 

and — voila! — started churning out stone-ground cornmeal. 

With a little fine-tuning, the antique equipment hummed 

beautifully and could be adjusted to produce grits, masa, 

and polenta, in addition to cornmeal. 

And so, Delta Grind was born.


We stone grind cornmeal, grits, masa, and polenta every other Sunday, fresh to order. The raw product is pure yellow corn, purchased from local growers, and contains no additives or preservatives. The finished products are never shelved, refrigerated, or frozen. Client needs are confirmed on Friday, ground on Sunday, and delivered on Monday or Tuesday.


All products wholesale and delivered in five-pound increments. Shipping and handling charges are extra, but delivery is free in the Oxford areas. To ensure freshness, customers can order as much as they need of any item or of any combination of products.


 I am a member of  the Memphis Restaurant Association and will gladly provide a customer list upon request. You don't have to be a chef or restaurant owner or manager to try any of our products. Just complete the contact form and we'll do the rest.


Thanks for your interest in our products.

Georgenanne "GritGirl" Ross

Co-Founder and CEO

The Original GritGirl

Oxford, Mississippi



Engine and 1910 Meadows Stone Grist Mill

1912 Fairbanks Morris Flywheel Engine